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Coaches and Managers, you can now find past versions of the Administrator News in the column to the right under "Admin News Archives".

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National Guard Clinics

The California Army National Guard Clinic was a great success with a great group of players attending. The pre-clinic presentation regarding the available scholarship opportunities was very informative.

Great thanks to Seargent First Class Lane Stack for holding the clinic with top coaches Rene Miramontes, John Napier, Cha Cha Namdar and Victor Melendez.

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Heat Rule

Center Referees can cancel games for safety reasons (including heat) or if decided by both teams that it is too hot to safely play a game, then it can be rescheduled. 

Please note that we will be looking at the games independently because as you know it is often much hotter in certain areas of the 3 counties served by Presidio/SDDA.

The primary factors to consider are location, time of the game and the turf, i.e. natural grass or artificial.   Imperial Valley, Temecula, Valley Center and East San Diego County, etc.  temperatures are different than those on the coast so we expect people to be smart and think about safety first. 

Presidio Soccer League and
SDDA Water Break Guidelines

As we approach the season we at Presidio Soccer League want to make sure everybody understands the guidelines of when and how the rules on water breaks are allowed.  This issue is one of safety for the players.  We understand that this is competitive soccer but we also understand that these players are kids and their safety is paramount to winning any game. First in order to have a water break the temperature must be hot enough to have the need for water breaks. At times Presidio Soccer League will mandate water breaks, which are not optional.  We also understand that water breaks are not needed in every part of the county, so common sense must be used in the determination to have or not have water breaks. 

So these guidelines are very simple but only when weather and location is taken into account and we have not instituted mandatory water breaks.  So here are the guidelines:

  • Either coach may request a water break prior to the start of the game and the referee shall grant a 1 minute water break per half somewhere close to the middle of each half
  • The referee has the discretion to call for a water break when they deem necessary
  • Player's shall not leave the field of play during water breaks
  • No coaching shall occur during the water breaks

These guidelines are for the safety of the players and referees.  These are not to be abused or used to delay the game.  Common sense dictates that these guidelines are not for gaining an advantage but for safety concerns. Abuse of the rule will not be tolerated.


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Team Manager's Admin Guide Updated

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(updated on 09-07-2014)

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Coaches and Team Manager's
Game Day Responsibilities

These game day rules and duties for coaches and team managers are designed to help the games start on time. Field spaces are limited and game times are set to where sometimes 6 to 8 games are played on the same field. There is by design only 15 minutes between each game. If a referee adds any time to a game then there is even less time between games. So come to the field READY TO PLAY.

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Welcome to the San Diego
Developmental Academy!

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Referee Fees for Showcase games is $84 per game, which is $42 per team. Suggested denominations: 1 $20 + 1 $10 + 2 $5 + 2 $1, payable prior to game starting.

Please ensure you print and bring your Game Rosters in triplicate to the game.

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After Its Successful Inaugural Year,
SDDA Prepares for Year Two

Barely a year ago, a group of five dedicated San Diego area Directors of Coaching put in motion the beginnings of a new league that would be dedicated to improving the development opportunities for local competitive youth soccer players.  click here to read more...

Rene Miramontes Cha Cha Namdar
Rene Miramontes Cha Cha Namdar


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Rene Miramontes

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A letter from Rene Miramontes
Chairman of the SDDA
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08/23-24 B/GU11-U14 F2
08/24 B/GU15-U16 F2
09/20 B/GU12 F1 - ODP
10/04 B/GU11 F1 - YOP
10/05 GU17-19 F2 - College
10/19 B/GU13-U14 F1 - ODP
11/09 B/GU15-U19 F1 - College
11/15-16 B/GU08-U10 EOS Festival
11/22-23 BU17-19 F2 - College


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Welcome to the home of the San Diego Developmental Academy

The San Diego Developmental Academy (SDDA) concept was founded on the dedication and hard work of some of San Diego's leading coaching directors.

Recognizing that while the success of San Diego's competitive soccer programs were of excellent quality, there were still some missing components that would help develop and advance the serious player to compete amongst the best that Southern California had to offer.

The concept was shared and discussed amongst other coaching directors.  The enthusiasm amongst them quickly grew to where regular meetings were held.  It was unanimously agreed that every idea, every plan, every action lead to "Long Term Athlete Development".

The initial group of qualified directors quickly grew and program structure began to develop to what we are now proud to call the "San Diego Developmental Academy".

Here are a few of the basic goals of the SDDA:

  1. Shift the mindset of younger players and parents towards development, instead of simply winning
  2. Manage conditions to promote overall development in the SDDA
  3. Focus on Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD)
  4. Spend more time on the field than in the car




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